The single cup pour over is widely gaining popularity in specialty coffee based on the level of control the brewer can exert over the cup. This method is great for the light to medium roasted coffees with good fruit acidity.

The things you'll need are:

  • A Bee House or Hario V60 Brewer - These are our favorites!
  • Your Favorite Coffee Mug
  • Number 4 Coffee Filters - Available at your local grocery store.
  • Hot Water- Just off the boil- about 200 degrees.
  • A Burr Grinder- At Red Rooster we recommend using a burr grinder and grinding the coffee just slightly coarser than you would for a standard electric drip machine. (Note: if you end up with a thin muddy coat on top of your grinds at the end, the grind is too fine.)
  • Fresh Roasted, Freshly Ground Coffee - 25 grams (about 2 tablespoons). The coffee should be freshly ground just seconds before being brewed.

Step One: Wet the filter before you brew (sometimes the filter can leave a paper taste in the cup) and pour out the extra water.

Step Two: Add just enough hot water to let the grounds bloom. With freshly ground coffee, you’ll notice the grounds nearly double in size.

Step Three: After the grounds have stopped blooming, proceed with the pour, consistently soaking the grinds in concentric circles beginning in the center and moving outward.

You can weigh your coffee as you pour, or when you reach the top of your brewer, you should be right at 12 ounces.



We love serving pour overs at small festivals and events!

Here we are at the Floyd Yoga Jam in Willis, Virginia September 2012. We use this homemade pour over bar when we travel to small festivals and events. We can get 12 cups of coffee going at once. It's exciting to watch the baristas hand pour each and every cup of coffee we serve.


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